Ill Doctrine Radio 2-1-20: That “January Was A Long Ass Year” Funk

On this episode of Ill Doctrine Radio we celebrate making it through the longest month of what’s shaping up the longest year, with music from Sly & the Family Stone, Wilma Archer ft/ MF Doom, Open Mike Eagle, Foreign Beggars, Otis Redding, Phantogram, Tiye Phoenix, and more (and then even more more)

Ill Doctrine Radio 1-11-20: That “Rush of Confusion” Funk

This is our mix from the day after Neil Peart of Rush passed, and we started it out with a special blend/mashup in his honor.

Ill Doctrine Radio: The Funk Against War Episode 1/4/20

Our first show for 2020 comes on the heels of dark and troubling news, and we’ve got a full plate of musical nourishment to get ready for a looonng year with lots of work to do. A serving of anti-war funk from Jay Smooth, and a guest mix from Bondfire‘s own Macedonia.

Peace Is Not The Word to Play

Ill Doctrine Radio: The Merry Xmas and/or Humbug Mix

A classic yuletide set from our own DJ 3D, along with a little balance for the more humbug-oriented among us.

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Ill Doctrine Radio: Impeach The President Mix

As a soundtrack to this historic day, we present a special mix of all my favorite songs that sample the classic break, “Impeach The President” by the Honeydrippers. (Read more about this legendary record here!)


Ill Doctrine Radio 11/30/19: DJ Baby K on teaching girls to DJ

On this episode we chopped it up with DJ Baby K about her work teaching girls the art of DJing at the Lower East Side Girls Club, celebrated the new Prince Box set, and rocked out to Missy, El P, Curtis Mayfield, Little Simz, Black Moon and a little taste of Jay Smooth’s unreleased Prince stash.


Underground Railroad Mix: AOC Edition 5/31/19

This is Jay’s mix from the May 31st, 2019 edition of the Railroad, featuring Open Mike Eagle, Maya Angelou, Reef the Lost Cauze, Pharoahe Monch and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropping jewels on climate change.

The Back to Brooklyn Mix

This is one of our classic mixes from 2015, archived by our old friends at Wax Poetics magazine:

“Wax Poetics contributing editor Andrew Mason aka DJ Monk-One spent [many years] spinning on Jay Smooth’s influential radio program, Underground Railroad. The WBAI show was founded in 1991 and focused on hip-hop and the jazz (and soul) cuts that were the building blocks for the sonic art. It was a New York staple and a must for any beatdigger that was trying to learn more about the roots of hip-hop. In fact, it was half the story about how the Wax Poetics founders met Monk-One in the late ’90s during his tenure with the groundbreaking show. Not long after, Wax Poetics was founded with the same mission of exploring the roots of hip-hop.”