April 11, 2008

Alona (Alyona) Bondarenko

The tennis player Alona Bondarenko (Alyona Bondarenko) has risen to internet fame recently thanks to her appearance in a K Swiss ad entitled "Keep it Pure".. you can see the alona/alyona Bondarenko photo and a brief interview here:

Alona Bondarenko

The "Keep It Pure" Mystery

Last week, we introduced you to Alona Bondarenko and her K-Swiss ad. Satisfied that people have now seen that (no we're not that's why we're showing it again), we contacted the WTA and asked for some time with Ms. Bondarenko.

We spoke on phone after her second round victory at the Bausch & Lomb Championships on Thursday night.

Darren: Alona, you've become quite the sensation here. Fans of the Sports Biz blog here really thought highly of your K-Swiss ad.

Alona: It's a nice picture.

Darren: I agree. Have you heard it from the players on tour?

Alona: (Chuckle) Yeah. Tennis Magazine is in the players lounge so I've had a lot of players come up to me and tell me it's beautiful...

Umm yeah. I guess every day is a slow news day on the intarwebs.

Posted by jsmooth995 at April 11, 2008 4:53 PM


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